Saturday, 9 August 2014

Sounds of Silence

My Ipod player thing needs a new battery and regardless of how or where I placed the radio I just could not get any station to give me sound static free, so as Steve was out all day at golf, I have revelled in the quiet. Ahhh.

There have been giggles and light chatter from the park, but mostly it has been me and the dog, and the burr of my machine as I made biscuits.

The tellie proved a bit of respite for a while, but in all honesty, I do love the silence.

There is always so much frantic frenetic noise and movement that a day off, is wonderful.

I think my need to sink into the quiet began when I was teaching. In any one day I might have entertained, disciplined and hopefully taught 200 kids and the noise was just a given. A drama space, often McGuivered out of a breeze way or built under another building,  generally had kids' noise bouncing off the concrete and back into the room, escalating the noise and heightening the chaos.

I am surprised that the 'Elf and Safety police have not outlawed Drama teaching unless all concerned are wearing industrial headphones. Oh shit! I have probably just given another fool a job!!

Anyway by day's end I was more than happy to sink into my old chair and surround myself with still and quiet. The house was pretty calm and quiet unless Belly had been pinged for smoking or similar teenage misdemeanours, or we had people in drinking and being silly.

The strange silence might well explain why Belly now surrounds herself with rowdy metal bands screaming and screeching.

I do wonder if the cycle will continue with Zig choosing calm over the metal madness. Only time will tell.

In the meantime I will enjoy the sinking of the sun.

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