Thursday, 7 August 2014

Building a different website for this Blog

I am not an IT genius. There are people in the world who are worse at managing the modern techie stuff but they aren't many and I rather imagine that they are indeed quite a lot older and have absolutely NO interest in ever being able to replace their old banking Passport or their sepia family photos.

I want to know HOW to do stuff and I know I will not be a quick study. Any youngster will tire of my questions quickly and their constant fiddling with tweetie pies and texts while they are teaching me will just give me the irrits.

I read quite a few blogs and some of them look very schmick and some of 'em look like mine. I reckon it is possible to guesstimate the age of the author by the format of the blog.

I know it is possible to part with cash and someone will do the design but I want to know how to do it and manage it and change it if the mood grabs me and I am a control freak anyway so I don't fancy someone else doing all the doing.

So today I took the plunge and dived into a website that proclaims to deliver you a wonderful fully formed website FREE OF CHARGE. I signed up and went through the design sequence and it ended up looking the same as mine is now. Not exactly the same but close enough to make no difference at all.

I want some drop down options and categories and a useable spot for people to argue or agree or just say something pleasant or not. I just want it to look modern and be friendly enough in design for people like me to manoeuvre around.

If anyone knows of a website that might give me a step by step, written for dickheads who were taught by teachers who threw actual chalk, please let me know. I don't know why it is not possible to leave comments on this site, but it is possible on google+ or facie.


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