Monday, 1 September 2014

The Barter system of old, works a treat.

Some time back I acquired a couple of plant stands which we have since used as bedside tables. A bit of a compromise for sure, but I was just sick and tired of looking everywhere for exactly the right thing so settled on these things cos they were the right height. I used to walk around with one of those paper tape measures from Ikea - yeh I had tried there too, and would whip it out at any furniture shop just to see. I had become obsessed, bedside table nutso, a furniture freak.

When we stumbled into the just opened Matt Blatt shop here on the Goldie, we found a much better solution and measured it and thought bugger the expense, lets just get em'. A week later when they were delivered I was very pleased to be able to say goodbye to the planters.

I wondered if the village florists might have use of them as they matched the ones they had and Alicia jumped at 'em. Steve walked 'em across the park and was offered 2 bunches of flowers in exchange. Well that's why you have to love the barter system.

Today I went in to Flowers on Sorrento and made my first selection. Perhaps it was the cynic in me, but I waited to be pointed to the somewhat lesser bunches, but NO, I was told just to take my pick!! I could have anything at all.  I know about as much about flowers as I know about the inside of engines, which is bugger all and so I had a good sniff around and picked a bunch in a box.

They look just lovely in my kitchen, and they smell good too.

When they pass away, I am gonna go back for my second bunch. How lucky is that!!

And so to the second bit of bartering for the day. I want to change things up a bit in the garden and so a few trees, well shrubs really are in the way. I was just gonna dig 'em up and chuck 'em, but Nik said she would like to have 'em. So Steve dug away and this afternoon we are going to swap the unwanted shrubs for some of Nik's freshly harvested bamboo.

I hope to make some bird distractors for the pontoon. I am very sick of those bloody Ibis shitting all over it.

I know Nik would have been happy to give her bamboo away and I would have been pleased to know that these shrubs will be in her very capable hands rather than the old wheelie, no exchange necessary, but the idea of going around, coming around, is comforting.
I am not sure how the Barter card works, but I have to imagine that there are loop holes galore and that there is nothing as simple and satisfying as my little trades today.

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