Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Greetings from Yeppoon

It's quite a drive to get here, but well worth the effort.

We left the chilly rainy Goldie on Sunday morning. Steve was up at some silly o'clock and packed the truck and dog jumped in and we were off.

We stopped at a few places to let Dog out and to have a bit of a stretch. At Tiaro we had a coffee and a little snack and Dog went completely spastic cos we were stupid and sat at an outside table of the only coffee shop, which as it happened was right next to the walk lights.

Well who would have guessed that in this sleepy little backwater there would be so much foot traffic across the road? There was a very steady stream of people who had parked up their vans and used the loos and then come across to the cafe. It was like downtown New York at rush hour! And every time they pushed the button and the noise started up, so did Dog. We had to put her back in the car. She just would not settle. She must have had a very bad experience at the lights in a previous life.

We stopped again at a camp site near Benaraby, and I was reminded why I am not a camper. There was some old station wagon set up for sleeping, but not in the way you'd expect. I think maybe one person was gonna sleep in the car cos they had slung a bit of fabric over the windshield for privacy, but the main sleeping quarters was a pop up tepee attached to the roof of the car!! Clever little blighters had fashioned some sort of ladder to allow them to climb up to their roof top terrace. I would have taken a photo, except that I was laughing so much it would have been all blurry.

We thought we were very rural cos we had a drink and a slab of cake that I cut up with my fingers and I remembered to take my own loo paper with me to the toilet, I even gave some away to a girlie not nearly as well prepared, but in all honesty, our amazement at the tepee car left us feeling very city indeed.

We arrived in the daylight just before it was ROO time. The house is fab and it really is only 3 minutes walk from the beach. I feel like I need a bit of a rope balustrade to grab onto on the way down the slope but that's only cos my knee is rooted. Dog was happy to romp and soon after we settled in on the couch to a pasta dinner I had prepared earlier and slunk quietly into sleep. We were buggered.

The days are warm and we left the rain far behind. The beaches are beautiful and the pace is deliberate and slow. The high street is full of old fashioned bakeries and somewhat snooty newcomers and we are having a wonderful time.

Old friends lobbed over for dinner and drinks and a very long overdue catchup. How bloody marvellous.

Off for another day of looking about. Ahh Hols!!v

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