Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Another Dog Hol. What a lucky girl!

As mentioned, we are in Yeppoon and did we ever bring the weather with us! We left behind the grey pissing down at the Goldie and bugger me, it stayed there. All too often that shitty weather follows us on holidays. Maybe this is the definite beauty of travelling so bloody far away.

This might seem like an odd choice for a holiday destination but there were a number of carrots drawing this horse close.

Firstly I trained to be a teacher with a bloke who lives here. He and his family have grown up here after he came home from the 'big smoke'. We haven't seen each other for decades, but we  have managed to keep up with our news through chatty xmas cards.

So an 8 hour drive was a good excuse to catch up properly and we are.

Secondly, we wanted to be here at a time when swimming is possible without the need to wear Nanna's stockings or whatever else keeps you safe from stingers. I was unaware that crocodiles were also a problem though. It seems they might have migrated south in the last 30 years. Or maybe they have always been here, but as a youngster I just didn't give a shit. There were people standing right next to a warning sign yesterday. I think they were hoping to get lucky by catching their dinner, fishing in the Fitzroy River. I sat a good way away, reckoning that even with a shit knee I could scramble into the monster truck before the croc got to me, and besides it would be too busy chewing up the fisher-folk. The river is wide and slow and I didn't see them catch any fish, or crocs.

And thirdly, I managed to find dog friendly accommodation. Yeh it's a long way to go, but definitely worth the drive.

So we have been out and about taking Dog along too. She has been very well behaved, and very often we have been able to let her off the lead if we are sitting having a coffee, but not in the high street cos cars still scare me and Dog is a car idiot. She has romped at the beach and Steve has spent time searching out perfect shells of different colours and shapes for me to do something with - who knows what. It is lovely to be at a beach that's so very different from what we have left behind. The shells and the rocks are in such contrast to the Goldie's white sand, and I have even started up a pumice collection a piece of which I put to good use this morning when I scarped my feet - OK more information than is strictly necessary. Suffice to say that the stuff off the beach is far superior to the expensive shit you can buy from the shops.

The photo is from our morning tea stop at Byfield yesterday. The pottery place we wanted to see was closed but the famous cafe was opened and we spent a quiet while sipping coffee and watching Dog wander - and hoping it's not tick season, and that she didn't disturb any snakes or grasshoppers.

Oh I really am not a country girl.

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