Friday, 18 December 2015


I am very busy waiting for Monday to come when hopefully there's some good news about my old blood cells behaving 'em selves. I've been downing the poison now for 2 weeks and that apparently is long enough to see if it is is gonna kill off the mutants - yeh I reckon it sounds like an episode of Star Trek too. So I popped off to the blood sucking shop and now the pathologists are busy checking on the little fuckers. Fingers crossed.

In the mean time, we were also waiting for the delivery of our new kettle. Hard to believe how exciting the lives of retired old folk are huh? The text said anytime today, so we waited in all day for an eventual 3 pm arrival. It is bloody pretty and the last one which did a little blow up earlier in the week kept us in tea and coffee for more than a dozen years, so Steve reckoned it was worth trawling online for an exact replacement. He's a good boy like that. Just an aside, it took 3 days to be delivered from the UK and it took 2 WEEKS  for Australia Post to deliver something weighing less than 500 grams to Perth. Work that out!!

So while we waited for the kettle while we were waiting for Monday News,  I steeped the fruit in a good lot of rather ordinary Brandy, so I can make my xmas cake tomorrow. Stevie does like an xmas cake, especially when I put the white icing on, so diet of not, we will have one to tuck into on the 25th. Yummo.

Then we got stuck into a little plan I had for putting up my new solar lights. Steve was initially reluctant about the weirdness I was suggesting, that is always on the cards when you mix an engineer and an arty farty,  but I think he is pretty happy with the results. Let's hope the lights come on when it's dark. When I wasn't on the idiot end of the tape measure, I furtled in my little garden.

You might remember how proud I was when I planted a couple of tomato plants a few weeks back, well they have taken off like topsy, and on close inspection I saw a couple of tiny weeny toms. I am just so bloody pleased with myself. An actual farmer - who'd have thunked it? Think I am gonna start chewing on some hay.

And in between I have managed to make up a recipe for some beef ribs. With any luck these might be the cherry on my day. They sure do smell great.

So it's been a pretty fine day of waiting.

What do you do to while away your days waiting?

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