Wednesday, 16 December 2015

To Cafe, Latte, or Frappe, that is the question.

So how's this for a First World little problem...

For years I have been ordering a large skinny cappuccino with 2 shots. I have done this around the world and while the results have been variable the ordering has been easy.

But recently Steve and I have been considering the benefits of a no carb high protein, sort of a lifestyle and to be honest we are still thinking about this and we are wondering if chocolate and beer really are carbs or if they are only a little pretendy carbs. In any case I have made a switch in the ordering to just any old Cappa, so long as it has 2 shots cos from all accounts the fat content of full cream milk is not the problem and the sweet taste of the lactose in skim milk might be. I mean the caffeine is the important thing huh?

But as the heat begins to stiffle, I have made yet another change...Shit just how flexible have I become? So I have moved to a double shot over ice in a tall glass topped up with milk. Yeh I describe my order, except in the Village where Laurence knows what I like so I just ask for 'a cold one'. Some places say, 'Ah a cold Latte' some bugger it up altogether. Ho Hum.

But today another complication reared it's confusing head. At a girlie brunch I tried to order my 'cold one' and Maria asked for a Frappe. Well I didn't know what that was so once a description was provided I thought I'd give it a go. And it was bloody wonderful. I want to be able to make this at home! I am really hoping that this little nectar of the Gods is possible at the village, cos if it is then I will be able to indulge every day. How very yummy.

So to the recipe for a frappe. It wasn't an ASIO secret so the barista shared it. Put 2 shots of expresso and a little vanilla essence and some milk lots of ice into a blender. Whiz until it's at 'slurpie' consistency chuck it into a tall glass and suck through a straw. Ahhh. YUM

So now for the First World conundrum. WHAT to order and HOW to order it.

There are just so many options and when I only have ONE coffee a day (except on days when I have more), I want it to be a goodie.

I realise that this is not something that is ever gonna be discussed at the United Nations, but hey ho, it's still a tiny weeny dilemma that I will need to overcome every day. No-one is gonna die or become homeless and the Ozone Layer is not gonna collapse but I am not gonna apologise for spending a few minutes writing this or agonising over my options.

Do you have an everyday order or do you revel in possibilities?

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