Friday, 4 December 2015

T'is the Season

Time to dust it off and let the lights twinkle.

Last year's leftovers...Don't judge me!

I have a very little family, only 4 of us but we make quite the crowd around the tree for Christmas madness and this year we are even gonna manage to go nuts on the right day. Often times in the past due to usual blended shit, we have celebrated sometimes as late as in January, and that sort of sucks but it does allow pressie buying and trimmings selection during the sales.

I am not sure how large families manage. 

Some families I know run into the dozens, and they face Christmas like it is a military operation. Parcels are purchased starting on the Boxing Day sales for next year, there are lists and things crossed off as changes are made and people grow up or have sex change operations and the pile at the bottom of a rarely used cupboard grows from January through to December when wrapping is done and undone and it all starts again. I am in awe and exhausted in equal measure just thinking about it. The pile of loot is distributed by 2 Santas simultaneously 'Ho Ho Hoing' and flinging parcels quickly enough to keep everyone going the big rip until there is a mountain of wrapping and little hills of carefully stacked bits and bobs. And then the army of people need to be fed. ARGH!

Of course there are huge families who have seemingly got their efficient shit together and they run a Secret Santa where everyone just gets one pressie and everyone only has to buy one pressie. But this wonderful ideal all too often fails cos some cheap skate re-gifts some crap from the work do or buys something on sale which was on sale cos it had been sitting in the store since 1986 cos no-one wanted it then or since then. And sometimes the reverse can happen if you are lucky enough to be coupled up with your favourite rellie, you might be tempted to give 'em diamonds and pretend that you had only spent the requisite tenner. 

But for my little family, shopping is fun.

Today I ventured out to the new Pacific Fair Shopping Centre. It is still not finished but what has opened is pleasant enough. It wasn't too crowded, but I dare say that will all change once the kids are set free in a week or so.

I thought I'd pick up some festive staples like the crackers. I usually get these from the chuck out table in the sales, and come home with dozens of the suckers cos they were 90% off, and at that price I always splurge on the ones with the cool stuff in 'em and the good jokes. We all do like a cracker! But the full retail price of these bits of tat made me weak. I came home empty handed, and now need to front up again but at least now I am prepared. 

Reckon it is time for the tree to be dusted off and set up this weekend, and with the lights on a twinkle loop it will definitely feel like the mad season is marching at us full tilt.

No I didn't get parcels today. I usually wander and wait for inspiration to strike and unfortunately I came home unscathed. More mooching is therefore required

And then there is the little issue of FOOD. 

'Tomorrow is another day.' Thanks Scarlett. 

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