Sunday, 27 December 2015

Kite Surfing

With the afternoon breeze at the beach comes the fellas - I am pretty sure I haven't seen many girlies having a go which is a shame, riding on their surf kite things - the actual name of these things could be anything that covers a foot board like a snow board and a harness and a great big kite like paragliders use except that the shape is a little different. Anyway whatever it is really called, the floating kites tugging along big fellas who seem to be hanging on to within an inch of their lives, is just magical to watch.

We took off to Currumbin Beach yesterday afternoon and after dodging all the tourist drivers in their 'Rent a bombs' and folk who may of may not have blown the shit out of the coppers' breathaliser, we popped onto the beach. It was fabulously empty, and I sat amid the silly waves and played with Dog as the waves knocked the shit out of me and wedged sand where sand should not be wedged. It was great fun.

Then behind us arrived a gaggle of blokes with a shed load of gear. They PUMPED up the edges and battens of their kites and unraveled what seemed like miles of string and then attached it to various spots on the kite and then placed the board near the water and checked their harness and their mates connected kite to harness and board to - well I don't know where really, maybe up their whizzies? And then they were off.

We had sat waiting for some aerial action for many minutes. It's a slow old process this getting ready to glide over the surf. And then it became clear, this was wind surf kiting 101. There was a fella there chatting 15 to the dozen and when his chargers were out in the water, he waved like a manic and stromped all up and down the beach.

A couple of the blokes were - well without trying to be unkind, they were just bloody useless.

I have enjoyed watching the flying in and over the waves for years and it really seems so simple, but after watching yesterday I reckon it takes a long time to master.

It must take a great deal of upper body strength to manage it and I reckon it would be helpful to know something about sailing and surfing and of course being able to swim and fight off sharks would also be useful skills.

After watching these fellas I have come to the conclusion that I am never likely to have a go, let alone master the equipment which must surely cost 'em a fortune. For the same money, I would rather sit and watch 'em while sporting a designer handie, and possible a new car.

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