Monday, 14 December 2015

Anti-Vaxxers Pox Parties

Have you heard about how the Anti-Vaxxers are using facie to invite friends with children over to share the joy of the POX?

So at worst I suppose it goes like this:

I am an adult and I live in a democratic country and I choose to ignore the advantages of years of research and allow my kid/s to get sick with preventable diseases. When a POX comes upon my house I will invite others over share the joy, even though my kid feels unwell and even though these infected kids will go out in the world and quite possible infect old people. Bugger everyone else I will choose for myself and put my kids at risk cos they are too small to get a vote.

I just quite simply cannot get my head around it. I remember getting the POX. I remember just how very unwell I was, and I still have the scars to remind me of that awful time.

There was no POX VAX when my girl was little, if there was she'd have had it, and then she wouldn't have got the disease and then she wouldn't have given it to her father. I can tell you that adult POX is perhaps one of the worst things you can imagine. He had POX everywhere, face, tum, arms legs and even where the sun don't shine. It was appalling. He was seriously unwell for weeks.

So yes most kids survive it, although I guess the odd one suffers a bit of brain damage due to the fevers, which is all just a bit of collateral damage, but the spread is not restricted to kids.

And I think it is perfectly OK to stop any benefits these ANTI-VAXXERS might be receiving cos why should public money be spent on their very anti social choices? Why should they be able to grab public money and then put the public at risk?

I think if people want to choose to put at risk pregnant women and old people and babies - really the most vulnerable among us, then they can do it without feeding from the government trough. In fact I would go further, I reckon they should home school their off spring cos why should they be allowed to put at risk the populations at schools.

Sure, we live in a democracy and that means that people get to choose and decide FOR THEMSELVES. But we are also part of a community and that means we have a moral responsibility to be decent individuals. If we have a sniffle then we try not to sneeze all over the people on the bus, or leave infected tissues on the cafe table. We try to keep our germs to ourselves and stay home from school or work to help protect the well being of others.

What a shitful selfish POX ridden place it would be if we all decided that we would share it all.

I watch a lot of 'Law and Order'. I especially like the crooked headed Goran in Criminal Intent and there was a recent one where the guy with Aids was purposefully infecting women with the disease and he was brought up on charges. I am guessing that there might well be some truth to this, and if there isn't there should be.

No I am not suggesting that if you kiss your Grannie hello and later find out that you have the flu and then she gets the flu too, that you have committed some sort of criminal offense.It's the INTENT that I am wondering about. And I do question the psyche of a parent who purposefully goes out of their way to infect their child. Is that called Munchhausen disease?

Anyhow, I will not thank a parent if their purposefully ANTI-VAXXED kid infected with the POX touches me and puts me at risk. I have already had it and in theory you don't get it twice, but strange things have been know to happen.

For the sake of everyone please get your kids vaccinated.

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