Thursday, 22 May 2014

Thinking Styles and Gardens.

There's been quite the tempest blowing in the big house this week. The courtyard needs a re-do cos the sleepers have been having nightmares and some have wandered just too far and need to be replaced. We have discovered that a bit of the garden that I have planted out 3 different times with 3 different things all of which have died a pretty quick death, is more than likely contaminated maybe with just too much builder's piss and no amount of rain seems to have leached out those toxins. So some solutions are called for.

Steve typically headed to his drawing board and drew the space to scale and replaced what was there with a concrete facsimile and left room for a big plant. I spent time in the garden thinking. We came together and spoke and neither listened cos that's not what we like to do.

It was a classic Kinesthetic Vs Visual battle.

I marched around the space and spoke and waved my arms around and Steve left his careful drawing out to be admired and agreed to as it clearly spoke for itself.

Things hit fever pitch, which was always gonna be the case, stomping was done and neighbours annoyed and finally I reckon we have agreed a plan which is very much a combination of us both. (My arbour idea has been forgotten by Steve at least, and I am leaving it for a battle for another day - it's gonna be beautiful!)

As things calmed down I pointed out the obvious, and that is that we think differently, very often we will arrive at the same destination but we will have travelled in completely different directions by different modes of transport.

This should shock no-one considering the coupling of an engineer and a drama queen / teacher.

There has been forever discussions about learning styles and some of the theories are very complex. My poor old brain likes the VAC idea, cos it pares it down to just 3 . Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic. Lookers, listeners and doers.

It makes for a sometimes volatile, but always interesting household, and solutions are often far more practical and indeed possible than say when 2 doers come together. That would have been Belly and me. We worked out how I was gonna fix the roof and I climbed up onto it with all the stuff but had never considered how to get back down. It's a surprise that I am not still up there clinging to the guttering by gayly painted nails.

Anyway if you want peace and quiet live with someone who uses their brain as you do, but if you like a bit of spice and enjoy an argument / discussion try solving a problem with someone who is anything but like you.

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