Sunday, 18 May 2014

Moet and Dogs and Chippies....Yeh Ladies day sunday is back!

It's been a while and even though the weather looks a bit pissy, we are gonna brave the rain and have a little fizz while the dogs play. I don't know when we discovered that the fish and chip shop over in the village makes chips that go very well with the bubbles but go they do, and if we get to open enough bottles then we won't care that the tables are less than spotless.

While I was at the bottleo this morning, I noticed what I am sure I have noticed before, Australian wine is just sooo much more expensive than imported stuff. I just really don't understand this. A bottle of Pino Grig from Italy - I think a good one, ( Yeh back off all the wine buffs who reckon my taste is all in my bum - I know I don't know anything except what I like) was about 20% cheaper than anything from Oz. But if you are in any London supermarket, the Aussie plonk is cheapest.

Now I have never bragged to be any sort of financial guru, but if you have to pay to put something on a plane and deliver it to somewhere thousands of kilometres away then I would expect that it would be more expensive. But it seems that the Aussie winemakers have struck some sort of deal where Europeans buy cheaply and we at home here foot the bill. I don't know how that is reasonable but there might be something to the theory, that Australians are mugs who are happy to pay over the odds.

None of this explains why I bought Moet today.... I just like it. It is not at all burnie, and I like it. Sadly that is the very best I can do in terms of wine tasting and description. My dear old Dad would indeed be horrified!

Now must get the cheese out of the fridge and stoke up the ice bucket. Yummo!

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