Monday, 26 May 2014

I thought my life would be complete with a Mix Master.

A while back, I was lamenting like some spoilt school girl, that I had never in my life owned a Mix Master. Oh I had had a Bar Mix - is that how you spell it? but I didn't get custody of it in the divorce. So for all my years I have mixed stuff by hand and had an excellent excuse NOT to make desserts and stuff that requires lots of elbow grease in the kitchen.

Steve being an excellent fella with a sweet tooth and perhaps a hankering for cheesecake, did some research and we stumbled upon a good looking machine at a price that didn't make us cry too loudly.

It is very pretty.

It is still allowed to sit on the counter but I rather think it's days here are numbered  cos I do like an empty counter top.

I made meringue the first day.

I made meringue the second day.

I have admired the machine since then and have read some recipes and wrote a shopping list of odd ingredients and have stocked the pantry with said stuff.

Today I discovered why bread is expensive and bakeries are filthy.

I had some leftover freezer lucky dip that I thought I would turn into something flash so decided to make Gosleme. The recipe seemed simple enough. I had all the ingredients.

When I was up to my whatsit in bread dough and olive oil and flour and bakers paper and filling and there was shit falling all over the floor and I had used every knife and spoon in the kitchen and had worked out that the yoghurt maker I had bought years ago and used twice, did not make a very effective rolling pin even if you filled it with water and managed to dodge the lid end, I knew I was beaten. I am not a fucking baker!! 4 - 6 dollars for a loaf of bread seems expensive except when I think that it took me more than an hour to clean up all the mess I made and I didn't have even a slice to brag about.

That old expression, 'Beware what you wish for' springs to mind.

Wonder what's for dinner now.

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