Monday, 19 May 2014

Is there really a Police Boys' Club that we should all fear?

How paranoid is too paranoid?

Yesterday in the middle of girlie bubbles there was a bit of a barking ruckus with a neighbours' 4 little dogs and Dibley. There was no biting and no harm was done. The neighbour continued across the park and had a little picnic of her own and we would have continued our gossip fest too, had it not been for some random bloke who arrived and started yelling about what a dangerous dog we had. Yeh that's him in the pic above.

This bloke seemed a bit nutty. He arrived when all the barking was done and dusted and Steve had called Dib back. He chatted to the neighbour and then got out his phone made some calls and then started taking photos and yelling at us.

He got in his car and I walked over to get a pic of the rego number for Justin Case. Well he got out of the car and marched towards me. I kept taking photos and then Steve came over. This young guy a full head taller than Steve, got right up in his face taking photos and asking if Steve was threatening him. It had clearly all gotten quite out of control and by now it sort resembled some poor American B grade movie. As the random weirdo stepped down and hopped back into his car he yelled out, 'You don't know who you are dealing with!' This luckily I have on video.

So Random Boy sped off, only to reappear a while later trying to mooch around behind bushes, presumably in the hope of gaining footage of Dib being naughty. One has to wonder about how little Random had to do on a Sunday afternoon that he found all this entertaining.

He disappeared and sometime later Bob from Animal Management arrived and bugger me if Random doesn't pop up AGAIN to be interviewed. He talked nonstop and gesticulated madly. Bob took notes and then trooped over to us. Random left in ANOTHER car, so that made 2 cars and 3 visits to the park about a bit of barking he didn't even witness.

So Bob was questioning me and I gave him information that he was not entitled to like my name and address and Dog's rego number. Why we cave into anyone in a uniform is a question for another day. While we were being interviewed a Police car pulled up opposite and sat and watched for a while, did some paper work and left without talking to us.

So now the paranoia is setting in. I have called the police a few times in my life and sometimes they come and sometimes they don't. I never have an expectation that they will arrive in a hurry, even if I am calling to report possible break-ins or drug use in the park. I figure that the police are probably busy investigating dangerous stuff and keeping me safe. I sure don't expect that they spend too much time trawling the local park investigating a barking dog, on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Random Boy must almost certainly be a local fella. Nik is pretty sure she has noticed his second car parked not too far from her place. So my worry is that if, as it appears likely that Random is a copper and he has sufficient clout to get Bob the Animal Management officer, and a police car to attend in pretty short order, what else is he capable of.

Here comes the B-Grade movie connection.

I reckon generally speaking I live a pretty law abiding life. I am an older woman who doesn't carry a weapon of any sort, unless you count the tube of deodorant I take to the pool - ah yes murder by Aluminium poisoning, I have heard of that! But I wonder just how much harassment is possible if some crazy Random Boy copper takes it on himself to do his dirtiest.

Of course it is possible I have got all this arse backwards and Random is a gangster not a copper, but we all agreed that if that was the case, he'd have decked Steve and it would have been all over bar the shouting.

I am awaiting the next instalment in the saga and am very much hoping that it doesn't include some shitty report about Dog lodged permanently at the Council.

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