Friday, 30 May 2014

Sydney Vivid Festival

I do love a cracker and a light show and a water fall and being in Sydney and a girlie natter and a birthday and eating food I haven't cooked myself and a beer and sitting on the ferry making a last minute decision to head off to the Opera House Vivid Display. What a wonderful time Carol and I are having!

We headed into town last night and walked to Martin Place so we could start there with our Vivid 'look see'. Carol is a whizz with a camera and I am shit so my pics are rubbish and so I will bore with only a few of the least bad ones..

The city was heaving with jolly people all enjoying the moment. It was lively and colourful and crowded and good natured and bloody wonderful and the lights were magical and completely entrancing. Carol went looking for an interesting vantage point and I immersed myself in the colour and the movement.

We meandered down to Darling Harbour and sat at a prime table and ate steaks and watched a light show over the water through water spouts and then caught the ferry towards home. We sat under my silly blanket coat because it got a bit chilly in the breeze and then ran off as fast as my shitful broken knees would take me to the Rocks where we watched loop after loop of lights on the Opera House and the rather odd loop of strangeness on the façade of the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Whoever thought up this idea was just bloody brilliant!! We figured that there might have been a drop off in the numbers close to midnight but we were WRONG.

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