Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Economic Rationalism Vs Virgin Australia Bullshit

I am heading to Sydney tomorrow. I booked weeks ago with Virgin Australia, paid a bit extra to get the exit row seat cos I am a shit claustrophobic passenger, and checked in on line this morning.

It's been a pretty busy day what with getting my roots done and seeing the girls for lunch so I was more than a little miffed to find a text message from Virgin saying that my flight was off and they had kindly re-arranged for me to go a whole lot later.

I rang to find out WHY.

It's not a difficult question really.

I spoke to Michelle.

She told me that the problem was staffing and waffled about not having a full crew and passenger safety is a priority, and when I pushed harder she said it was an engineering problem.

And then the wheels feel off the excuse wagon.

What I managed to copy verbatim was that the plane was  cancelled due to Operational Requirements. It seems that the plane and the staff were needed in Canberra due to possible fog tomorrow morning.

I am not sure what is going on in the nation's capital tomorrow which requires such an urgent exodus but I  bet they are all pretty shitty they don't have God on their side cos if they did they could have sent the fog to sunny Queensland and then I wouldn't be shitty about the delay cos I'd be sitting at the airport staring out into the fog and not seeing my plane, so I could see the reason for my delay.

The fucking excuses just kept coming thick and fast. And no one it seems was the least bit interested in telling the bloody truth.

What Michelle wanted me to believe was that because God was in the employ of Virgin and had deemed it very likely there would be fog in Canberra, they would have to line up planes for all the Canberra people so they could leave whenever the fog lifted. Michelle said she felt this was quite a viable explanation.

Michelle came and went and I was lulled to screaming point by shitful bad jazz and Michelle found it impossible to confirm or deny that MANAGEMENT  had taken a decision that prioritised Canberra folk over us beach bums. I bet there is some conditions of employment that require Michelle to complete her calls herself, because it was only after 50 minutes that she offered to put me through to her supervisor. I was gleeful.

Tequila came on the phone and it must be said that she was far easier to understand so we cracked on much more quickly. I asked her how many people had been booked onto my original flight, and she hummed and haaed around for a while and then said she wasn't able to tell me that info, but that she could tell me that they had all been reallocated onto the next flight. Well finally a bit of truth! 2 flights but only 1 plane load of people.

Economic rationalism!! An excuse that had it been given an hour and 10 minutes earlier I would have been a happier, if not happy girl. What's wrong with telling the truth?

'We are not a charity!' 'There was no profit in that flight so we cancelled it!'

Just stop with all the bullshit and the insults to the cognitive capacity of even rather simple minded people.

Just tell us the truth!!

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