Monday, 12 May 2014

Big Car Smash LAst Night.

Serious crash Bundall Rd, Bundall. Pic courtesy of Crime Watch Now Gold Coast

As I was closing up last night I noticed a big melee on the main road. There were police and people everywhere. There had clearly been a big prang. I watched for a while and went off to bed.

This morning in the park it was the topic of local gossip. There had indeed been a big smash and all the debris had just been swept into the gutter and left in a big old pile, awaiting collection by some unknown and unlikely soul.

After coffee, Steve and I wandered out to have a look at the aftermath, and there was plenty to look at. It was a real crime scene with police markings all over the road. There were yellow arrows drawn all over the road and we guessed that these might have been pointers for broken bits to be photographed, but we could definitely be wrong in this. So we stood and tried to work it out. This intersection has often been the scene of big smashes. Only a couple of weeks ago some older bloke wrote himself off on his motor bike simply by going too fast.

Well last night an 18 year old girl was running from police and was going too fast, she lost control and mounted the median island ( no easy feat in itself ) and ran head on into a car going the other way. A couple of elderly folk are in hospital as a result. The young girl is in critical condition and it looks pretty grim for her.

The media circus was just beginning as we were walking back because the police had apparently just released the story. The reporters and camera man accosted Steve for comment. He may be on the news tonight. I declined because I looked a bit of a fright and I didn't know what their angle was.

The thrust of the reports is yet to be made clear. It beggars belief that there are so many fatal and near fatal accidents at this intersection. It seems so safe to me. Last night I suppose it can be argued that had the police not chased the girl there would have been no accident. Steve reckons that the sort of speed that must have been involved would be the result of aggression but I reckon that fear could push someone to the same end.

Anyway however it unfolded, the families involved must be reeling. The older couple who are the innocent victims must be wondering about their appalling luck in being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and the family of the young girl must be exhausted from trying to work out how and why all this has happened.

It would be all too easy to lay the blame firmly at the feet of the police who were in pursuit. I sincerely hope this does not happen. We don't know what caused the initial chase but I have faith that the police were and are interested in maintaining peaceful safety.

I certainly hope that nothing comes to light to disturb my utopian beliefs.

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