Friday, 2 May 2014

So You Think You Can Dance Final - Sexy Sluts versus The Warriors

I have not been watching this at all, not because I don't like watching dancing, but because it just hasn't ever turned up at a time when I fancied it. Like everyone I suppose I have seen bits and pieces in the ads and reckon that there was not an obviously shit dancer in the line up. Certainly compared to anything these fat old seized up legs could manage they were bloody terrific.

So today as a pleasant accompaniment to the drag of ironing I watched the replay of the final. Yeh, I knew who won so there was no huge suspense but music filled the lounge room and I could watch bits and pieces.

I did see the duets of the top 2 girls and the top 2 boys. The women were decked out in trench coats wrapped around sexy frocks and they contorted themselves over balustrades and other various poles before they ripped off the coats and  gyrated beautifully. The boys were dressed as samurai warriors and were armed with swords. They duelled it out and their acrobatics and dance were strong and vibrant.

So the best girls were presented as sluts and the boys were presented as warriors.

Could I be the only person to have thought this? I have not seen any such comments on social media or online news.

Years ago when I was teaching English, looking for all sorts of bias was an important part of the curriculum. So kids were exposed to texts like "Dick and Dora" that were my buddies when I was learning to read, and modern kids were encouraged to see the sex stereotypes. Of course this was often greeted with great laughter and incredulity. Generally the kids had no trouble seeing the old fashioned men and women and boys and girls, and they could identify great differences between their households and those of Dick and Dora. Of course they were being directed to do so.

I can only live in hope that for at least some of the kids I have taught, identifying this sort of bullshit sex roles might have become second nature. And maybe these kids have grown into discerning adults who like me didn't watch and didn't spend money voting and encouraging the crap.

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