Friday, 23 May 2014

Grown up old age planning and stuff.

There comes a time in every girl's life when she has to be a grown up and do grown up things. Today was my day. For years I have been filing away big packs of stuff from my superannuation people. They have dutifully sent stuff for more than 30 years and I have routinely ignored it. We have rocked along together very nicely.

But a while ago I got the usual big pack and then a little letter pointing out that decisions needed to be made before I turn my next birthday and so I needed to grow up and deal with it.

I had called them and got some details and stuff but really it is just sooo easy to stop listening when you are on the phone, so a face to face meet was needed, this would help keep me in check and perhaps make me listen until the handshake.

Steve came too, which was good cos we chatted about stuff on the way to Brisveagas so I didn't sound like a complete moron when we got to sit down with Daniel.

Daniel from Q Super is a marvel. I reckon he's about 11, well maybe he's a grown up but he looks boyish to me. He was soo pleasant and seemed to know his onions. He explained stuff to me in terms that a Drama Teacher could grasp and when I started drifting off he managed to pull me back in without any rousing. He answered all of Steve's questions and he showed me graphs and statistics and projections and stuff and I changed my mind about a gizzilion times and settled on a plan that we were all very happy with. I filled in forms and signed on some dotted lines and felt like I was in control of funding hair-dos and shoes into my dotage. Yippee I am a fully fledged grown up!!

And it should be said that the service offered by Daniel and Q Super was bloody fantastic!! It was prompt and clear and helpful and FREE of charge,  a far cry from what Steve faced in Blighty when he recently tried to organise his stuff.

I have one more bit of paper to sort out, but then I reckon I am done until I fancy getting some old gal shoes!

Adulthood doesn't look too bad at all.

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