Monday, 31 August 2015

Spring Cleaning can be a Bonus.

Because I a perennial whinger, I have not made a secret out of the shitful failures of my body over the last couple of years. All up, I have been pretty lucky, though perhaps not quite as lucky as I was today.

Over the weekend I was doing a bit of a spring clean and stumbled across 2 brand new bras, still with the swing tags and then a little later I found the online dockets from Myer. They weren't the right size, or maybe my boobs are not the right size, who knows anything, except that they didn't fit.

Seems in some sort of madness LAST YEAR, I ordered these things, online, in the wrong size and instead of sending them back, or taking them back, I hid them under a pile of other clothes and put it all in the too hard basket. I am a real bugger for doing this. Steve reckons I should win a medal for never returning online shit that is faulty or doesn't fit. So I probably just buried it all away so he couldn't say, ' I told you so.'

Anyway, even though it was a long shot, I took 'em back today with the paper work and my sad story about boob cutting etc. I just popped into Pac Fair because the place I park is right outside the Myer lingerie department.

I like to think that women who have not been lucky enough to have breast cancer would be allowed to return stuff after such a long time too, but I reckon that the yarn cannot have hurt.

The staff could not have been more helpful and I was able to exchange the tiny titty ones for wallopers that fit. How very cool and just in time to pack 'em up for my little holiday.

I was patient and pleasant and truly thankful for their help.

Of course it is no skin off their collective noses if they exchange stuff, it's not like there is a financial penalty, or Shylock is gonna come along and slice off a pound of their flesh, but it's my experience that in lots of places, all too often you get a hard time, if you try to return something, or if you complain about something. Yeh I know I have whinged about the misnomer that is customer service often enough.

But not today, not in Myer.

A girlfriend in the UK was lamenting last week that she had gone into Debenhams recently. She was looking for 'pretty bras'. I am only surmising that this might be cos she is getting sorted for her upcoming nuptials. Anyway the staff there gleefully told her that they don't have pretty bras in big sizes and she spent time tossing up whether to cry or smack someone in the head. I advised that slapping was in order.

Debenhams is a large UK department store similar to Myer and David Jones, and it seems that they must be missing the boat only catering to wee petite little titties. Good to know, so I wont bother heading in there any time soon.

If the lovely Jess was in Oz, I would send her to Myer in a heartbeat, cos they do have some pretty bras in all sizes. Yes the selection shrinks in direct proportion to swelling of the boobs, but there are some very pretty things there.

Now I don't expect that I will have any other exciting finds if I continue to spring clean, so I reckon I might just about be done til next year. Yippee for hiding things away and yippee to Myer at Pacific Fair for getting me sorted. Ta very much Ladies.

Are you planning on springing into cleaning any time soon?

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