Thursday, 27 August 2015

Birkenstocks AHH

Almost a year ago when I booked my knee in for it's major service, and I swapped the calcium for titanium - I might have made that up, I made a small error in judgement in going to a Physio bloke who ended up making me cry, but before I kicked him into touch, obviously with my 'good' knee he told me my feet were rooted and that I needed to buy these Birkenstocks immediately.

Well Stevie marched me straight down there to the thong shop cos he figured that it was all a false economy to fix the knees if the feet then were fucked.

I bought the fabulous bright red pair that Stevie has still not tired of calling LOUD, and I happily admit that it took about a month of wearing 'em for a little while each day, to get to a point where the blisters had healed and my body was not rejecting the very idea of popping 'em on.

And since then I have worn 'em ALL DAY EVERY DAY. They are just bloody brilliant. My feet don't hurt and because they are bright I can usually find 'em regardless of the strange places that I find to leave 'em.

So as I am packing at least in my mind I had to have a good look at 'em and admit that they might have seen better days. I can hardly complain about the way they have stood up to constant wear and tear.

Never one to hesitate to go into a shoe shop, I trotted off happily today to just pick up another pair, so I can break 'em in before we go. There is a great range of new season's colours and I tried 'em all.

I like the way the red ones match everything I own. The new ones needed to be as versatile. The blue ones looked a bit shit on me - skin colour matters even with thongs so it seems, and the black ones were ok but a bit boring. There were pink ones which wouldn't look crash hot with red, and the new brown ones were skinny minis so no bloody good to me. I was about to give it away and get the black ones when I tried on the purple jobbies and was instantly sold.

The real beauty of these thongs is that if you have naughty feet, the thongs will train 'em up, just like obedience school for puppy dogs. There doesn't seem to be any need to wear these newbies in. They are already good to go.

Or maybe it's my feet that are good to go.

How are your feet?

(Carol I know!)

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