Tuesday, 11 August 2015

It's been a damn fine day.

Miami Headland today the tide was so low we walked around the corner to North Burleigh.

I always mourn the end of winter, except when you get days like this which demand sleeveless arm wobbley woos as you throw the ball or clumps of sand to Dog, at the beach that is all but empty of people and sand that is so squeaky that you just have to smile as you walk to water's edge.

It was bloody beautiful! A couple of hours watching the surf roll in wearing Dog ragged, soaking up a bit of the old vitamin D - who could complain about that?

Dog - how she loves the beach!

Stevie getting his feet wet.

Then it was the dreaded DENTIST! Even just a check-up sends me into conniptions. But today was easy. He poked and prodded and said that I am grinding away little corners that he can fix, and he warned of some needed soonish crown work - I am guessing that is not a euphemism for some flash tiara, but that's not for today. One more little visit to fix up some corners and I am good to go. Yippee. Reckon that it about the best news from Gavin the Dentist EVER, and he said that my old gum shield thing to slow down the night time grinding is still in one piece, so there's a saving of about $500. BONUS!

Reckon it looks a bit like a jewellery box...bit surprise if you were hoping for diamonds.

On my way back to the car I stumbled over a dress that had my name written all over it and it was on sale so BONUS again!

How pretty is this fabric?

But the biggest bonus of all was when I remembered that tomorrow is a holiday in Brisvegas and as Bell is working, it means that I get to spend the whole day with the delightful Zig! BONUS BONUS BONUS!

I'll be up and away at silly o'clock to make it on time, but it'll be worth it.

What to do on our special day? I reckon he will have a few ideas, so I'm not gonna agonise too much over it. I raised a girl so coming up with BOY things to do is out of my comfort zone. Yeh yeh yeh, I know there is plenty of cross over between BOY and GIRL things, but I am happy to have a go at real BOYSEY stuff if that's what he as in mind....all an adventure.

And the last bit of fabulous for the day is that we are having leftovers for dinner and whilst I still need to McGyver it a bit, I don't have to start from scratch. Yippee Yippee yip yip!

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