Monday, 24 August 2015

Ranty Pants Wedgie

There is no slow pleasant way of easing into this! There can be no languid soft seducing.

Bullies give me the fucking SHITS.

And when they go about their despicable business and easily manage to shove a gentle soul even further into a hole, well I want to ask if anyone has the names of people who break knee caps for a living. I am sooo angry that I reckon if I knew how, I might well wield that baseball bat myself.

There is no dealing with the bully - no that just sounds too school yard frightful, he's ABUSIVE, he's the abuser, not just a bully. Any attempt to bring some rationality to the table is met with a little crossness directed at me and a whole truck load of bile to the one already under a mountain of his crap.

I am afraid that the systems which are supposed to be in place to protect the bullied and the abused are just not effective. It all sounds so very fine on paper. But the actuality is that as soon as any complaint is raised the abuse becomes more frenzied and often it is not singularly directed so innocents get sprayed in the cross fire.

I am at a loss how to help. I thought I had been useful but he has bitten back, not me, cos he wouldn't dare and the acid I am generating might well have poisoned him - RESULT. No he has done what abusers do, he has directed all his shit to those least able to bat it back.

I want to have a little cry and punch him very hard in the bollocks, except that would mean actually having to touch the stinking filthy turd.

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