Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Hand Washing Woolen Jumpers

I am going for the Chinese Laundry look with this photo. Mm very attractive.

Can it be that I am the last person on earth who still washed woollens by hand?

Surely in this day and age, someone aught be able to invent a woollen fabric that you can just chuck straight into the washing machine along with your jeans and knickers.

I used to sort the know the old story of whites over there and blacks here and the bits that were hard to decided on in another bundle, and then I'd dutifully wash each pile separately and my clothes line was colour matched...not to the point where I would worry about colour coding the pegs, you will be pleased to know. Oh don't laugh too hard, cos I know a number of gals whose clothes line could be inspiration for a colour between the lines catalogue.

But then we got this huge fucking machine that can do almost a whole week's worth of clothes in one bash and so sorting went by the wayside. Now it all gets tossed in at once and if occasionally some thing dark marks something not so dark, well I just squint and pretend I can't tell.

But I haven't been able to get to a point where I chuck all the jumpers in. It's not because they are expensive to replace, cos they just don't seem to be. And it's certainly not cos I enjoy rub-a-dub-dubbing the bloody things in the sink, and then carefully lying them out as flat as possible for days at a time until they are dry enough to iron.

I think it's Martha's fault really. Martha Gardener that is.

The only possible thrill one can get from hand washing jumpers is that you get a nose full of that lovely eucalyptus form Martha's.

If you read the bottle carefully you'll soon see that Martha's is not recommended for front loading just must be too sudsy. BUGGER! So even if I was tempted to run a short cut on the jumper washing race, and I bloody am, it's not possible to chuck 'em with a bit of Martha's in the washing machine.

I reckon it must be time for Martha to address this issue.

I think I should write to her immediately.

Dear Martha,
I am the laziest cow in Queensland and would love it if you invented a Wool washing mix for front loaders. And after that if you could petition for all clothing manufacturers to start making machine washable jumpers pronto, I would be very grateful.
Yours sincerely,
Lazy cow Sue

I hope I have now finished with the 'special' and I don't mean that in a good way, washing, so I can start working out what 30 kilos of clothes is gonna make the cut for London.

Do you still hand wash woollen jumpers?

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