Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Progress Splatter

Or maybe that should be spatter courtesy of CSI.

Change is exciting, so long as it is not the sort of change that acts like a rip-tide which drags you under and out into the never - never, abandoning you all alone with the sharks and feeling useless. You know the kind of change that delivers truly shitful news - like now you're gonna have to buy bras for mangled cancered boobs. Yep that is a change we can all live without, but good change is pretty fab.

There was a, well to be honest, a bit of a plain looking house across the road. I guess it had successfully kept dry a variety of families and I imagine there had been plenty of giggles and laughs and maybe some tears too. It wasn't the sort of place that yelled, 'Look at me look at me.'

Anyway, it is no longer.

The machines literally brought the traffic to a stop. Neighbours were keen for a sticky beak so not too troubled by delays.

Yesterday in the morning a walloping bit of kit moved in and knocked 7 bells out of it.

It was bloody exciting to watch! Progress.

It was like an 'Un-Sub' from 'Criminal Minds' going mad with a very sharp knife. Bits of body sprayed all over the place. There were bits of liver and lungs and left-over toe nail clippings. A forensic builder would have been able to identify the parts, but jigsaw puzzle parts it was not. There was no way this was ever gonna be re-built.  It was like some mad trifle of building materials. An autopsy pathology person would have more chance of re-assembling a body that had been put through a chipper, than a builder would have of putting this place back together. Ah, Progress.

Bricks and plaster and insulation swapped spit with electrical cables and the inevitable bits of broken shit pipes. It was a wonderful spectacle.

Rubble anyone?

When we built the Big House, it took a very long time, partly because it just does and partly because Steve was super fastidious and partly because we went away for 6 months in the middle of it and when we came back, Steve decided to do much of the work himself. Yep progress was slow but slow and steady can win the race. Slow Progress.

But so too can fast and furious. One little day later there was just a hole where the house used to be. Big trucks came and were filled up with a smorgasbord of now useless shit and now what remains is possibility.

At one point there were 3 of these monsters parked in and around the place. Bloody efficient this demolishing business.

I can't wait to see what the owners have in mind.

Gone House- like 'Gone Girl' but not as nutty.

There would be plenty of people who reckon this sort of progress is just an obscene waste of materials and money and human endeavour, but not me! I love to see this sort of change. Although oddly enough I am not in favour of some shoddy development at the end of the street which is designed to house transients and noise making students. That sort of change I can live without.  But that's a whole other story.

There can be little point in lamenting change. I reckon we can embrace it or bugger off and live in cave, or well, or just turn up our toes.

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