Saturday, 1 August 2015

Do you love a SALE?

This is not a sponsored post, I just happened upon the MYER sale today and it was a serious aerobic and strength work out. I am bloody exhausted but smiling like a maniac.

I was gonna sew up a dress for the wedding we are off to in  a few weeks but I priced the fabric and thought I should have a look at the racks, before I participate in the crap shoot that home sewing can be.

And as I felt up to the mall madness this morning, I pulled on easy to take off stuff and headed out.

I do love a sale.

And today MYER is having a big one.

There were subtle little nondescript signs that needed close inspection, partly because I am blind and partly because it was hard to believe. You know the usual crappola fine print in the sales...discounts off full price items only etc but this was 50% off THE ALREADY DISCOUNTED PRICE! So some of the prices were right out of the 70s.

So let's have a little look huh?

Last year during one of my bargain frenzies at the second hand shops, I bought this denim coat ( the one on the left) for $35. I thought it was a good deal, even if it had been worn before, it wasn't worn out. Now the sleeves are only 3/4 length which is a bit odd but I liked it anyway and I have worn it now for 2 winters, such is the warm days here on the Goldie. But when I spied the one on the right with full length sleeves I thought maybe this would be London useful and guess what, brand new it was $22!

Now there can be no doubt that Myer is still making a bit of a profit at even $22, so in the end, really I just don't want to buy stuff at full wack.

I splashed the plastic and bought a dozen bits that I like a lot. Or at least I liked 'em in the change rooms where I have long believed there are skinnypretty mirrors and flattering lighting. I will throw 'em on for Stevie later and see how that goes. Some of the bounty is bound to be going back, but I reckon my suitcase will be pleased for a couple of new bits.

I believe there are sales on in every department at Myer, but I just couldn't carry any more bags, I mean there has to be moderation in everything including exercise.

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