Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Spelling Bee tellie - poor bloody kids

The promos for this child abuse have been playing for a couple of weeks and I have found them so cringe worthy that I have needed to ferret out the remote and switch to another shit channel where the upset is other than children.

I just do not see what is in it for the kids. They will have been touted up to some shitful audition and I presume made to sit through some written spelling test and then some execs will have pondered over how photogenic they are, and how adorable or hate-mongering they are and then they will be tarted up to the max with clothes and makeup and forced to stand in a spotlight with music and people shouting and their parents standing in the wings while difficult words are chucked at them.

So for every kid who faces up to the cameras, there must be hundreds who have failed the smart / cute / ratings worthy tests. I feel for them. Can you imagine the drive home with these poor kids feeling like shit as their pushy parents suffer through the humiliation of having had their kids fail on such a public stage....and this is the drive home of the kids who didn't even make onto the tellie. What must it be like for the kids who mis-spell something on the national stage?

It's just cheap shit TV.

I hope not a soul watches it, although no doubt Ma and Pa of the winner will be telling everyone at the old people's home to tune in. I guess the losers will be less enthusiastically followed.

Don't you think we put our kids through enough bullshit?

Putting kids up for public humiliation that will live on in their memories is akin to abuse.

I went on tellie when I was a kid, and told a joke.
'What's red and round and goes up and down?     A plum in a lift.'
I won a dressing table set with a blue brush and comb and mirror. I was about 9 I think. I remember it like it was yesterday. It's a happy memory cos I was a winner.

The poor losers will not, I fear, have such a Cherry Ripe moment, and if at some point down the line CSI are called in to investigate the death of an oldie who's been found choked to death on a dictionary, well let's just say that I won't be surprised.


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