Monday, 17 August 2015

Spring is a Leaping

Yeh it seems that it's that time again. Time to be part of the mourning procession to bury Winter. Bugger Bugger Bugger I say!

It has just not been cold this year at all. I have worn my thongs every day and my London 'summer coat' has not had even one outing. Oh it's true to say that the swimming season came to an abrupt end and I am not yet back in the water, but a couple of days ago at the beach, the surf was warm enough to invite me in - no I didn't accept the call cos I had no togs and really the visitors to beach would have thanked no-one for a playful prance from  menopausal beached whale flinging arm wobbles. But as the waves did a little dance around my legs I was not whinging about the chilblains in my shins or the cold fed arthritis in my feet. Nah it felt bloody lovely.

SO winter has buggered off again. This means that time in the garden is necessary. I had a look and sure enough there were weeds where there should be other stuff, so I turned on the re-cycle water pump ( I wonder who has rationalised the electricity costs/production etc needed to run the water pump, with the environmental goodness of gathering up rain water.) and hosed up a storm. That way the weeds could be pulled easily. Oh be still my heart. How I love weeding - NOT.

The dirt and shit all wedges under my nails and it just feels dreadful. The head down arse up pose makes me go redder than usual in the face and this is at best less than attractive and at worst worrisome as a heart attack advertisement, and the sense of futility as awareness that this is an never ending job is more than a little irritating.

Now don't feel to badly for me, cos it definitely is not a big job, I made pretty sure about that when I did the initial planting, but the fact that it needs doing at all is just another reason to lament the demise of winter.

I trimmed long straggly bits of branches and tossed around some slow release fertilizer and the I watered some more. ( Does it seem all a little self defeating to weed then put on fertilizer and water, so that more weeds can grow?)

While I was head down arse up, I noticed that some of the low ground cover thingamis, that I planted last year have spread and that means that without even trying to I HAVE GROWN SOME STUFF.

Does this make me a gardener?

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