Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Premium number phone calls SHITTTTT - Potty mouth ahead.

I tried to find out about the cost and nature of Pet Insurance today, and that was a big mistake!

I filled out some crap online to get a quote from RSPCA pet insurance and got the price. I filled out some stuff on the BUPA Pet Insurance site and got a price.

I TRIED to fill in the stuff for MEDIBANK Private pet insurance and their site was so shit that it was not possible so then I had to ring their premium number and of course was on hold for fucking ever. I had been honest about being an existing customer requesting some info, and so the wait was interminable. I gave up and decided to test the theory that if I was looking to PAY them money rather than ask for something for the money they have already been paid, would the wait be quicker. So I keyed in that I was looking for a new policy - not entirely incorrect as I wanted details about their Pet Policies.

Well bend me over and bugger me senseless, I was answered IMMEDIATELY.

Yes I was short tempered. No she was not helpful. Yeh she said she was trying to be helpful, except that she got all uppity and brittle when I made it clear that she was refusing to answer my questions and that her bog standard blurb was just bullshit and not in the least bit helpful. She put me through to someone else - well not really she just shovelled me back into the rat maze,  where guess what, I was on fucking hold AGAIN. Yeh I hung up and am now reconciled to having to go into a shop tomorrow...

It is possible that there are far more people ringing wanting something for their money than people ringing to spend their money, and if this is the case then why in the bloody hell don't they rejig the people in the call centre?

I've worked in a call centre, and it sure ain't rocket science. I reckon it might even be possible to train people up to a point where they can answer a variety of queries. Wouldn't that just be a fucking revelation! Shit it might even reduce the abject fucking boredom they face day in day out. But better still it might provide some service... oh shit there's that word again.

Can anyone tell me whether these companies who are only contactable via premium 13 or 1300 numbers get a kick back from the calls? Is it in their financial interest to keep people on hold for hideous eternities playing company bullshit ads? If all this is true it would explain why their websites are so shit.. there is no profit in efficient use of the internet.

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