Thursday, 30 July 2015

Adam Goodes, I am not a racist!

I was just minding my own business yesterday, whipping up a yummy dinner to feed the returning golfer - he's always fanging for food after a round, and I had the radio on, so I could pretend to be getting an aerobic workout flinging my knife armed arms about in saddo dance moves, when a discussion about Adam Goodes began.

I wasn't sure who he was but that became clear very quickly. Yeh he is the footballer who doesn't like being heckled and was named Australian of the Year, and now has made an announcement that he takes offence to every taunt from every paying customer and that it doesn't matter WHAT is being said, because he reckons it's all racist, and because he has said so, then it is and so it had better stop.

Well I reckon this sounds pretty nuts. There is no end to the racist put downs people can sprout, and I am not gonna go through 'em, but if someone yells out that he is a dickhead, then that's not racist, even if he has given a warning that that's how he's gonna take it. That's just their opinion, and surely they are entitled to it. What if someone was to yell, 'That was a shit kick you tall drink of water!' Not nice but not racist, even if he says he perceives it to be.

Going to the footie is not for the weak. People yell out all sorts of shit. I have been know to do a bit of yelling myself in times gone. I can't recall yelling out anything about a player's colour or ethnicity, but I have yelled plenty if they had been in the news for abusing their partner, or if they were forever involved in cheating play, and I might have in my younger years even yelled about someone being a big fat stinker. Yeh I don't get out much anymore for obvious reasons.

So poor old Adam has decided to perceive any taunt as a racial slur. This is ridiculous! It's a lame sort of blackmail in a PC crazy world, where just because he says he feels racially insulted the person speaking is a racist.

It's a bit like someone deciding to be a bullying victim who says that anytime someone looks at them that they feel bullied. Just because they say it doesn't make it so.

And really it just doesn't do anyone any favours, cos calling someone a douche-bag is just not the same as calling them the N word.

The radio fella agreed that anyone who vented their spleen on Goodes, regardless of what they said, in fact even if they said nothing and only BOOed, then they were being racist cos that was what the all powerful Adam had decreed.

I reckon the radio jock was being a dickhead, I do hope he's not black cos he might take that the wrong way.

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