Sunday, 1 February 2015

Oh shit it's Labor.

No not a spelling mistake and no I am not pushing out a baby, even though the agony of that could well be similar to another 4 years under a Labor Government in Queensland.

Oh woe is me! The woman who doesn't know the GST percentage is more than likely gonna be Queensland's next premier. Yep that's the same one who can often barely string 2 sentences together and has wandered around for 3 years with a dumb struck gormless look on her face.

How much is the GST - Oh shit I should know that one shouldn't I?

I suppose the one definite, if in deed there is such a thing ever in politics, is that there will be no assets sale, so all the Labor scare mongers can rest easy, until they try to work out how to pay for everything, and we all know how Labor likes to spend our money and borrowed money and money in the ether.

I am not shocked by the result, especially after yesterday having coffee with a bloke with his own business and his Mrs has her own business and still he was worried about the assets sale and if he can be a swing voter then I guess anyone can be.

So we will head back to expensive governing, where the well to do will be gouged and the less so can go the big grab. The trouble of course is that folk who might have been tempted to take a chance and test the business waters will be understandably less keen to dive in, and as the gouged cash barrel empties and the hand outs increase, the services the government wants to provide will dry up, or else the State falls into a financial hole yet again.

It is true that a few thousand public servants lost their jobs, I suppose many lined up to take the healthy redundancy packages and others fell into early retirement and maybe some left because they were just bloody useless and no good at what they were supposed to be doing. But in all honesty I saw no difference. So a chunk of people left and their government jobs disappeared and that did not impact on me at all. How can anyone argue then that these jobs were ever necessary when their absence was not noticed, and why should it be that the government uses our money to pay for unnecessaries?

In the short time they were in charge, the LNP reduced the hospital waiting times to NIL. What a great achievement and all the while reducing their staff numbers. I am not at sure why being efficient with our money is something that should cause shame.   

So I am just venting as we head into the financial black hole which Labor is always happy to dig. They will shovel business owners out of the way and steal their machinery and employ people who cannot operate it and pay them penalty rates for doing a stinky job badly.

I very much doubt that teachers, nurses, police officers, ambos or firies will see any improvement as they are already seen as being well to do. The drive to even things up, to distribute funds equally to all regardless of ability will be on again.

How very shitful.

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