Wednesday, 28 January 2015

'Unbroken' 'American Sniper' and 'Wild' - Yippee for Oscars time!

'Unbroken', 'American Snipper' and 'Wild'. I have thoroughly enjoyed all 3 of 'em for different reasons, but the common thread is that they are recounts of Real People's lives or bits of 'em anyway. It could be just a phase I am going through but all my reading at the moment is also of the autobiographical kind. Yeh I am happy to admit that my taste in real life drama is not for everyone, Rob Lowe, Brooke Shields, Lauren Bacall, Joan Rivers -  I think a trend can be identified. But I am absolutely enjoying having a dirty little look into the lives of people you sort of know.

These 3 movies introduced me to hitherto unknown people and I am mighty pleased to have met 'em. I suppose as with any story told in the first person there will be some bias, perhaps Cheryl's best friend in 'Wild' might have seen things a little differently although the portrayal was pretty raw and confronting and often less than flattering.

Back when Bell was just a snip of a girl and after I had been unwell, I kept a journal for years and years. I am a ruthless thrower away of stuff, but I have kept these and I really should get 'em out and have a look. I wonder if they would be as 'real' today as they were when I was writing them. I can remember feeling pretty mortal and thinking that Bell might like to read all this shit if I were shuffle off and that it might be a chance for her to know me a bit anyway.

But I digress. I can only imagine the pride with which family members would watch these movies. The 'heroes' are wildly different but magnificent all the same.

And even though there are some very hectic, harrowing moments, I reckon they are still feel good movies and not because they fit the typical American happy ending format, but because the lead characters are so real and flawed and yet still likeable, and I for one found myself rooting for them all.

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