Friday, 27 February 2015

Everything Old is New Again.

The timeless choccie crackle! They were the hit of any party when I was a girl. All that sugary chocolate yumminess and even though some loons have tried to fiddle with the recipe, a good crackle remains the same.

4cups of Rice Bubbles
250gm of melted Copha
1 cup of icing sugar
1 cup of coconut
5 big spoons full of cocoa powder

Mix it all up and scoop it into paper patty cups and chuck into the fridge. And then exercise some restraint as they set hard.

Some recipes call for hundreds and thousands, but that has always been for fairy bread, and some call for nuts, but in today's Epi-pen society, even if I thought it a good addition, which I don't, who would dare add it?

Zig, never one to toe the line, asked for a glossy cherry to be popped on top and that I was happy to do.

Bell and I delivered the goodies to school today and met Zig's class and his teacher. They all sang 'Happy Birthday' and then gobbled up their treats. It was a fun few minutes and definitely worth the time to make 'em and the 2 hours driving there and back to deliver 'em. I love watching him be the King of the Castle.

The whole ceremony is the same as it ever was, except that I had to announce that there was coconut in 'em and then the teacher announced it again, but as they are in yr5, she figured they were old enough to know if they were OK to eat 'em. As she didn't immediately go into Health and Safety Police mode, I liked her even more.

Zig was happy to get a cuddle and a kiss from Ma and was still Ok with, 'My Darling Boy' even though Bell had warned me that it might not be good, cos she is now living with an ever growing list of what she is not allowed to say.

We are set for tomorrow with more traditional fare, even though the party is an escape from history.
We are hoping that the kids who are jumping about tomorrow, don't throw up, or at least if they do, they do it at the centre, not in the backs of our cars....oooh YUK.

We are presuming that they can all swim, otherwise Southbank Beach might prove a nuisance, cos at the moment we plan to sit like ladies on a rug and chat the afternoon away. I guess we will see.

Kids have changed very little, neither have birthdays or food or the dive for all things sweet.

Ah predictability.

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