Saturday, 7 February 2015

'The Theory of Everything'

This is a very 'nominated' movie and I can easily see why.

I knew that it was based on Hawking's life and that's about it. It became clear early on that whilst it was about the Professor, it was definitely from the Mrs' ie Jane's perspective. And NO this does not mean that it is a girlie pic, or a chick flick.

There was stuff about Motor Neuron disease that I rather doubt is common knowledge but again that is not the main thrust of the movie.

Mostly it deals with struggle and success and determination in a rather understated way. There are hints of an argument about God and the Bang theory, but it didn't bang on about either.

The Professor's physics theories were skimmed through in such a way as even this Arty - Farty sort of understood and as the movie was loosely based on Jane Hawking's memoirs and she too was an Arty - Farty so I supposed the portrayal should come as no surprise.

I liked it!

As an aside though, a debate started this week, from the disabled camp about why an able bodied actor was chosen to play the lead. I wanted to humph and punch the table. Have we gone this far down the track of political correctness that an able actor should have be given the shove in lieu of a disabled actor who would no doubt have been unable to carry the scenes of Hawking's early university days prior to the onset of this shitful disease, so necessitating the chunky editing of all the able years? Surely NOT. Eddie Redmayne was excellent and presented a most believable transition from well to very unwell. Oddly enough no one complained that a young woman, Felicity Jones, was cast as Jane, even though it meant that she needed to be artificially aged through-out the movie.

And even with this nonsense I say again, I liked it.

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