Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Sand Safari - Surfers Paradise

For just about 2 weeks there are these wonderful lumps of whimsy along the beach at Surfers Paradise. They are bloody marvellous even if they just set your brains to working out how the sand stays together - I think it has to do with the special sand they use, as unlikely as it sounds the grains are square so wedge together for better stickability. I could have made that up..
They are all Artists' takes on Disney films and some you will know and some you  might wonder about unless you have had the joy of taking littlies to the pictures recently. They were all beautifully created.
The first one and the last one here from 'Aladdin' looks to me, so much like a melancholy Robin Williams who did the voice work for the Genie, that it reminded me he is gone and that he is missed.   



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