Monday, 2 February 2015

It's driving me nuts - some would say that's not a long road.

Who was it that said, 'The definition of insanity is doing the same thing time and again and expecting a different outcome.'?

We have been trotting along beside a bloke we liked who we appointed as our agent to sell the Big House. Well when I say we have been trotting along, well that is quite the exaggeration, more like we have been dragging our toes as if we were on our way to the electric chair. To say that progress has been slow, is an overstatement.

In more than 2 months there has been no progress and I am tempted to think that the one couple who has actually been through the place could more than likely have been paid a bung to do so. They ooohed and ahhhed and booked a second viewing and bugger me if they didn't cancel an hour before they were due.

So I wonder why that agent didn't change things up. He could have changed the photos on line and he could have changed the text. He could have added some quirky fun or funny headlines which might have attracted attention. Instead he took the price off the ad for the last week or so and finally changed the front photo in the last day or so. He clearly was testing the insanity definition.

It's no secret that I am reasonably forthright - yeh that's estate agent jargon for pushy bitch, but I really didn't want to tell him how to do his job. Stuff has gone on that was counterintuitive but as it is not my area of expertise I chose not to 'go in hard'.

The lesson is to always back yourself, unless you happily put your hand up to admit that you are a bit slow.

So no as we don't fancy the label of insane, even though there could be a line as long as the Centrelink line is gonna be with the change of government, of folk who might vote for that, we are looking for a new agent.

This is NOT how I like to spend my time. Shovelling through bullshit and trying to interpret 'agent speak' brings no joy.

But changes are in order as to do nothing would simply be bat shit crazy.

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