Monday, 5 January 2015

Today it's Christmas at the Big House

Yes I know Stevie and I had Christmas last year and it was all very lovely, infact I reckon we might well have forged a fine little tradition of our own. The idea of never having to worry about cooking food, which means buying food, which means going to the stinking grocery shops, is all too appealing. So yes we had grown up Christmas, but today it's time for the 'Kids'. Yeh I have not gone on so as to forget that Bell is not a kid, but she is MY kid and so it's time for the kids' Christmas.

They have shared themselves around between families and the Woodford festival and more families, but it's finally it's MY turn! Yippee!

They are on their way so their parcels under the tree from Santa can finally get the opening they deserve. We are hoping that here is are great squeals of delight and laughter.

As a family, split, blended, divided, divorced, buggered up - ain't semantics grand, Christmas has always been just a great big compromise. And so it remains. I must admit that getting too much excitement up this far past the BIG DAY, is difficult to manage, but I am gonna give it my best shot.

There are some very big pluses though. There is absolutely no pressure about the food. Really it could be vegemite sangas and a cold glass of cordial.

We are going just a tad flasher than that, but there are no table decos or cloth or centre piece or flash cutlery, and I reckon Zig will eat his in his togs and be jumping in and out of the pool.

I got the crackers at a knock 'em out price and so afforded good ones with hopefully some great loot. I mean you can't have Christmas without crackers can you? I am not sure that the wacko hats will get an airing, but Zig does love the silly jokes.

It's an odd way to have Christmas I admit, but as I am leaving the tree up until the end of January, we might as well make best use of it.

Happy Day.


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