Wednesday, 14 January 2015

'The Penguins of Madagascar'

It seemed like the day for it. Grandies galore and appalling packet crackling. As the holidays track closer to an end, and parents can be forgiven for wondering about the wisedom of breeding at all, it seems reasonable for Mas and Pas to step up and take the blighters on.

Well that's how it seemed today. I maintain that I am a lucky woman to see Zig so much over the summer and it is absolutely NOT a drag or a drama, and so when we decide to go to the piccies it's because we really want to go, not cos we want to cross off another couple of hours until the school bell tolls.

We trooped off early to Robina, and started with a fortifying coffee that had the desired effect of minimising the shitful ache in my head, and then we poked around.

I returned a belt I had given Steve for xmas, even though in the fine print it said that I only had until the 10th of January to do so. The manager read this off the docket and I just ignored her, figuring that was a better idea than going off like a rocket. As I remained calm she had no choice but to be helpful and so she tracked down a belt in the right size and made arrangements for me to exchange it tomorrow. Yippee!

We came across the shop I thought usually supplied Zig's school shoes. We went in and asked if they had him on their records. Yippee again! There it all was on the screen, so we knew what sort of shoes and then the excellent staff measured and fitted and chattered. It was a friendly lively purchase and it's all on the computer again, so if there is any problems Belly can go back to Carindale and get it sorted. Such great service from 'the ATHLETE'S FOOT'

TARGET was next as we seemed to be on a back-to-school roll. We found some shorts which were on sale and tucked them into my basket too.

We found a Woolworths I didn't know existed and picked up some sweeties in rattle proof bags to chomp on in the pictures, and I did the almost inexcusable and dragged a near 10 year old boy into a BRA shop. He took it in his stride, but I think he was pleased that I didn't try anything on - old Ma's folding titties flailing their way into even the prettiest of bras would have definitely tested the friendship.

Lunch was from the food hall, which I admit I had never visited before today, but Zig was happy being able to trot off and get his own burger. Sometimes taking the cheap and cheerful popular option is a winner.

Then it was off to the pictures.

I was pleased we had allocated seats so I knew that there wasn't going to be a bun fight, but as it happened there was. 2 dads had a set to about the seats. The guy who was there first was in the wrong seats and the guy with the tickets was not happy and the first bloke refused to move, so even though there was plenty of space the second bloke and his kid, wedged themselves right up next to the other bloke for maximum piss off effect.

Zig and I watched it all unfold feeling very smug as there was no-one in our row, until after the trailers had started and we were enjoying watching the upcoming attractions a dad and 2 kids begin to climb over us and settled right up against Zig and then they spent the whole movie, scrunching up noisy sweets' wrapping, ho hum.

Anyway, we watched and laughed out loud and I had a little squeal as a leopard seal attacked. We agreed that the animation was  well done and I personally enjoyed listening to John Malkovitch being the evil Dave.

What a lovely day out. A cuddle and a big 'Thank you Ma for taking me to the movies.' I know parents are often at their wits' end by now, but for me the summer could last a good while longer.

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