Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Star signs - where do you stand?

Yin and Yang

Yes and No

Come here - go away.

I love to eat but don't want to cook.

I love to travel but hate flying.

I feel like a thirty year old and look ancient.

I enjoy going out but can't be bothered getting dressed.

The list is long but I can't be bothered writing it down.

If I really was still a girl I might try and explain all this away by saying I'm a Gemini. You know, the twins star sign. A body in 2 parts, but as I have aged, I have become sceptical to the point of utter disbelief so I have to imagine that we are probably all pretty similar in our disparities. I hope so anyway cos otherwise it just makes me nuts.

Staid and boring and batshit crazy.

Ho hum.

And while I was googling for a pic, I found this quote, so now after all these years I might have to rethink it all ....Shit!

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