Monday, 10 November 2014

What do you take for granted?

Woop woop Yippee!! Day 33 and finally my new knee feels like it might be being tamed.

In the hospital, the physios, bless 'em, kept telling me that I wouldn't be allowed home til I could bend my knee to 90 degrees. I could only do somewhere between 60 and 65. Ho fucking hum. Still home I went and I have felt like there has been the smallest bit of improvement everyday, but the cracking of that 90 degrees has just been a grunt too far. Yeh, I have done a lot of grunting in the last 4 weeks.

This morning I was in the pool and I invented this exercise last time, where I sit on the bench seat and drag my leg back til my heel hits the wall, but thus far, the wall might as well have been in Europe cos that's about as close as I was getting. But I wanted today to be THE day. 4 sets of 5 swearing and grunting leg pull backs and still no wall. On my 5th set I was getting to the point where I wondered if indeed I would ever manage it and then on try number 4 I thought I might have just felt the faint scrape of the pebble wall. Number 5 needed to confirm it and bugger me, there was definitely heel on wall action!! Exfoliating heel hardness happened in set 6 with 5 hits in a row.

It was only early and my 'yip yip yippee' sort of broke through the suburban quiet. Too bloody bad I reckon.

It must be noted that I have struggled through the rest of the day, cos there is always a price to pay for progress and I've paid my dues with a drug busting ache, but I am so pleased with the progress that I fully expect tomorrow I'll be able to get in and hit that wall quicker and with more force.

So something so simple as being able to bend my knee is the accomplishment today.

I can hardly wait until I can take this for granted.

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