Saturday, 8 November 2014

Social Media - What a bonus

I banged on about a bit of trouble I had placing an order at M & S and bugger me if they didn't get back to me instantly with the perfect solution and I was pleased and surprised all at the same time. Bloody marvellous!! Ta very much to Lisa and Denise.

And at the same time I had a bit of a go at the latest Myer ads and I'll be buggered again, but I heard from them instantly too. Not that they were ever gonna pull those shitful ads, but it is always pleasant to think someone had bothered to listen at all.

So a while ago I recorded 'Julie and Julia', I love anything with Meryl Streep. Of course I had seen it before, but sometime ago, before I started writing this little blog. I spent a lovely couple of hours watching it today.

It was a shame that the paths of these 2 women didn't cross and I was surprised that it was because Julia Childs was portrayed as an old stick in the mud who wasn't keen on a young whipper-snapper trying to make a bit of name for herself on the back of her - Julia's, recipes. She seemed like a much more 'go-get-'em' type and I could imagine her embracing the new technology.

It was reassuring to watch Julie persevere with her blog and slowly slowly build her readership.

I find it amazing and curious and wonderful that strangers all over the world have a little peak at my silly old stories and naturally I am grateful that friends read along and send comments and encouragement.

In the next little while I fancy getting my page re-formatted cos I'd quite like it to be more organised and look a bit more loved. But in the mean time I can keep taping away.

I do love the modern speed of things,

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