Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Girlie Pot Luck Dinner

I am hoping it looks better than this before it makes it to the table

The girls are getting together tonight for a gossip and a natter and a bit of a nosh before we all go into mad mode for the Silly Season.

Sometimes we eat out and sometimes one of us will push the boat out and cook for everyone - yeh even I have had a turn and it is no secret that it is not my favourite thing to do, but tonight we are all bringing something and taking a chance that somehow it all sort marries up. Usually it turns out fine.

So rather than listening to what others are bringing I just decided what I felt like eating and have come up with perhaps a rather odd take on the 70s classic - Prawn Cocktail.

I got some Cos lettuce, cos I like it and a kilo of medium prawns and 3 avocados and some sauce and some tomatoes and baby bocconcini cheese. I spent a good while peeling and de-veining the prawns and all the other stuff is ready to assemble in my quite cute glass bowl. Oh and also I got a loaf of good crunchie bread. My thinking is that if I don't like the look of the other stuff I will happily graze on this lot.

The only trouble I have with doing random dinner like this, is that I don't like it if people double dip their spoon / knife / fork and I am nutso crazy about keeping an eagle eye out. It is because I am a little nutty - happy to admit this, but I just don't like it. So I always sit next to something I want to eat and prepare to slap away any double dipper utensils or even worse bare fingers!

I have a bottle of bubbles and am being collected and dropped off.

Yippee for Girls' nights.  

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