Friday, 28 November 2014

Summer Rain

It's hard to believe what a difference 80km can make, well not even 80 km really, but the suburbs between the Big House and Bell and Zig barely rate a mention, so I wont bother.

Hail the size of golf balls, no not the usual media hype, but the actual size of golf balls were thrown down yesterday afternoon attacking Belly's car and terrorising both her and Zig in the process. The car can be fixed. There are companies in Brisvegas that specialise in Hail Damage repair, I don't know what they do in the winter, probably just spend all their money, but Zig might have some nightmares. Last time he stayed here, there was a wind storm and I had to move him to a different bedroom, cos the noise was so loud he couldn't sleep. Both Zig and Dog are sensitive to weather.

But he'd have been perfectly safe here last night.

While Bell's car was being hammered and Zig's psyche splodged, Steve and I swam amid the ever so gentle spits of wet stuff. I had checked on the BOM radar and saw that any rain was gonna miss us AGAIN and so there was no danger of being electrocuted by a lightening strike to the pool. There was the odd bit of thunder, which if it has even the slightest intent, Dog goes completely mad and hides under the bed. Last night she just played in the pool, oblivious.

It is tiresome to be disappointed yet again by the storms which just refuse to settle here. I was hoping that I might have been OK to leave off watering the garden and filling up the pond, and then Brissie got all the rain.

I am sorry for the folk who did not fare well last night, storm damage is a bitch. My point however is that we are so close but so far.

Except that sometime during the night there was the patter on the tin roof. Yippee, some RAIN, not the pretendie shit from the afternoon and the temperature dropped almost immediately to a pleasant 22 degree.

And now this morning it is still a bit drizzley. Those lovely grey skies are dropping some much needed water onto all things green in the garden and that means that we can hold back some cash from the Council and hopefully collect some more drops in the mandatory rain water tanks which we installed but that have been too often empty.

I love rainy days. I love the colour of the sky and how the colour of everything else is adjusted in the dimmer light.

I don't crave the endless grey and mist and rain of London, but it sure does make a welcome change from the ever cheerful bright bloody blue of 'Beautiful one day, perfect the next'. I wouldn't mind if it bucketed down for a few more days, but I guess that Steve might be less than happy if there was so much that it got in the way of golf.

Damned if it does and damned if it doesn't.  

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