Monday, 17 November 2014

Independence and my CAR

This week heralds 6 long weeks of a bit of misery the cherry of which has been that I have not been able to go anywhere under my own steam. Now don't get me wrong, Steve has been at my beck and call and has driven me to places he didn't want to go and done things that have not brought an instant smile to his face. And whilst there has been no begging involved, I have indeed had to ASK. I am not at my best when I need to ASK for something. I've spent way too many years just getting on with things as and when I fancy. ASKING gives me the shits!

So over the weekend I decided that MONDAY was the day that I would give driving a bash. A manual car and a left leg that is still quite achy is not a great combo, but I was determined. My leg slid into place ok and the clutch was manageable. Steve did back the old girl out of the garage perhaps more to protect his car and the house, than to save my leg.

I jumped in - yeh not really - more of a slither, and took off down the deserted suburban streets giving my new knee a bit of a work out. Yeh it hurt, but I was in control. YIP - fucking eee!

I am a realist, there will be no taking off to Sydney for me in the next little while, and travelling over bumpy roads almost makes my cry, even in the thinking about it, but taking myself off to the hairdressers is possible, even if I know I can't yet sit there for the requisite 3 hours to get my roots done. How bloody marvellous to be able to make a plan without having to ASK.

Driving in Australia is like breathing. If you live in the suburbs and you don't want to become a recluse, then a car is necessary especially here at the Goldie, where the pubic transport is so shit.

I had cars in London too so I could get to work and play, but have been back for long visits and managed very very well with no car and just the tube and buses for getting around. A bus ride from the Big Flat to my hairdresser takes less time than it takes for me to drive to see AnnBrit at Southport, and anyway there is just no parking in London so going public solves that little dilemma.

But the big deal is the independence that comes with being able to drive even short distances. The thrill about being ABLE to drive is also pretty fab.

My lovely girl has sat for almost 6 weeks untouched and unloved so a shampoo was in order, no blow dry today, my knee only just made the distance with rag and bucket, but she's ready to go.

The crutches are living in the kitchen, not quite out of sight out mind but only for emergency use or swatting children out of the way during xmas shopping. 

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