Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Bloody Brilliant Botox

About 4 months ago I fronted for the dreaded 31 Botox jabberoos in the hope that perhaps Migraines could be things of distant memories.

Luckily, very fucking luckily for me, I am part of the 70% of people for whom this shit load of Botox works to prevent / get rid of / make it impossible to react, if I got a migraine. I don't know how it works and I have to tell you that I really don't give a shit about how it works, I am just bloody grateful that it does indeed work, for me at least.

For the first 2 weeks I had a sort of dragging headache in the mornings, not even close to a migraine, but I didn't like it all the same. Jane the GP said it was normal and that it was just from too long being horizontal and she was right, I was much improved once I got up.


So from more than 15 - 20 days of puking pain a month to NOTHING, yeh I am a convert!

The jabs are meant to last 3 months but as luck would have it, my knee got in the way of round 2 and in the last month I have been plagued by Migraines of a lesser God, but the frequency has been  increasing.

I had to reschedule the second round so that I was sure I would be able to climb onto the table unaided. TODAY was the B day.

I drove myself off and parked up, first in a Doctor's parking spot and then I got a case of the guilts and went back and shifted into another spot, this time it was corporate so not better just less personal. I ran up the ramp as fast as my metal knee would allow and was told that Dr Raj had moved. Shit, I thought I might have been late by the time I got to her new rooms. Back down the ramp and into my car where Ms Corporate was unloading her car and looking at me very darkly. I just smiled and waved.

Off to the new place, parked up and was still there in good time. The new rooms are bright and pretty with a great view, definitely a step up from before.

Maybe it was my change of demeanour or maybe Dr Botox was in a better mood, but we had a lively chat and then she got sorted for the torture.

It would be completely dishonest to say that this whole saga is a breeze. The needles fucking hurt and I bleed and I have a big bruise on my shoulder, but I am a convert. This little bit of stabbing is completely and utterly worth it, and I don't reckon it hurt as much this time, but that might be because I am pretty sure that it is worth the blood and the swearing.

My face was a bit oopsy after the first time and I mentioned that too so Dr made some adjustments to the jabs and maybe this time I will be migraine free and symmetrical, although in all honesty I would happily cope with a strange face if it meant that it didn't have to be buried in a bucket 20 days a month.

Roll on Christmas I reckon. This is my gift to myself. 

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