Friday, 21 November 2014

The Big House is on the market

Yesterday Paul the estate agent we quite like, arrived with 3 coffees and a determination to stay until the papers were signed. We have danced around putting the house up for sale a number of times and to be fair to him, he has been more than patient.

Hours of negotiation commenced with 3 people slurping their cappuccinos and wondering how much leeway there was in the others' position.

First to fall was my idea that we should wait until February cos that way I could enjoy every minute of our Zig Holiday without taking time to polish granite and make sure there are no boy sized skid marks in the loos. Paul said it had to be December / January and that was agreed.

I didn't want to put up a billboard out the front but both Steve and Paul wanted that so I lost again. Yeh I can see the sense in it especially as I have often sat outside a house with a sign and called the agent listed for more details.

Paul presented his 'breakdown of costs'. Steve and I nearly fell over. More than 8 grand upfront regardless of success. This seemed very steep, especially as in the UK there are no upfront charges for the seller as the agents back 'emselves and their ability to sell property. But here it is only the owners who have to gamble. We discussed the need to 5K for print advertising and finally Paul gave way. I have never once bought the Gold Coast Bulletin to look for property and I can't be the only one like this. So we stubbornly saved ourselves a big chunk of wonga and now Paul can decide if he wants to pay for it himself and gamble away a bit of his commission.

Which brings us to the next big hurdle for the morning. Standard commission seems to be 5% on the first bit and 2 and a half % on the rest. Well that's a bloody big bundle of cash. Steve insisted that the number was calculated and then chucked a wobbly. He walked away and the old game of Good Cop / Bad Cop began. Commission in the UK is always negotiable and if you are selling an expensive pile, then it becomes extremely flexible. So after huffing and puffing and boys being boys, 2% was settled on. Of course that excludes the GST.

Video styles were discussed and agreed and dates for filming etc are now on the calendar. I do work well with a deadline.

I need to get the house sorted now and Steve is going to be more than a little manic getting fine details perfect cos after all the Big House has been his pride and joy, he doesn't want someone coming in and possibly whinging about a little oops somewhere. Me I reckon let the buyer beware.

Paul is bring a 'buyer' through tomorrow but Steve and I both reckon that is just so he can try and talk us down in price, so I guess, 'Let the games begin.'

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