Friday, 7 November 2014

7 weeks 'til Christmas

A girlfriend told me yesterday that it is 7 weeks til Santa Day... Ta very much Nik.

I am not feeling all that festive at the moment and have not got any plans for the big day or week or whatever. I am not feeling the whimsy! So after having sat through that shitful Myer ad twice, I now cannot turn on the tellie unless I am armed with the remote so I can get away from all that crapola very quickly.

I mean what were they thinking?? Some girlie imitating old Alice down the rabbit hole and pining for all things old fashioned and girlie and pointless. If that is all they are selling at Myer this year then I am happily pre-warned so I know not to go anywhere near the place. Online and David Jones here I come.

Who would be entertained by this guff?? Hurtful expensive heels and a handie too small to carry your smart phone? Well that must automatically cancel out targeting the youngsters who date via text and facie every hour of every day and oldies who are feeling lucky enough to be able to walk in flats and certainly don't want to gamble on balancing ability on stilts. So maybe this ad is designed for MEN.

Present some stupid fairy tale and encourage men to take on the role of the handsome prince. I am glad that: A. Steve is not that romantic or stupid and B. He has witnessed my utter disdain for this ad every time it comes on. If you are not sure that your spouse has decided to ignore this fantasy can I suggest that you are not subtle in your telling, unless of course you are the one girlie girl for whom this ad was designed, in which case just record it for your partner and play it as a loop over dinner every day  until xmas.

Come on Myer you can do better than this twaddle!

My first foray into getting sorted for the Big Day, was to order our unmentionables from Marks and Spencers online. Every Christmas it's time for the renewal. I found what I wanted and got all sorted to 'checkout' but on my first attempt, the computer did not take off the delivery charge so I thought I'd wait a few days and try again. I know they deliver free of charge starting about the middle of November and as there are yet to be any elastic failures or gigantic holes in last year's lot there is no mad urgency. Then I got an email saying that all under-bits were 20% off for 1 day only, I went back in. Yippee!, the delivery charge was waved and the discount had been applied, but alas, they were out of stock!! This run around is unusual for Marks, but run around it is. I suppose by the time they get their shit together, and my knicky noos are available again, the delivery will be extortionate and then sale deadline well passed. Happy bloody xmas.

Am gonna try again cos M&S knickers are my favourites and worth the effort.

Good luck with your holiday preparations.  I look forward to a bit of a slap from the xmas fairy to shake me out of the ho hums.

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