Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Lite 'n Easy

Doesn't my freezer drawer look lovely? 

I was pretending that my ridiculous laziness today was due to playing the waiting game. I was waiting for my FOOD delivery.

The possibility of dragging something out of the freezer and nuking it for dinner for the next few weeks drew me to the Lite 'n Easy website. I have bought stuff from them before, but so long ago that I don't remember what it tasted like, and being the lazy in the kitchen cow I am, I just couldn't help myself.

It was to be delivered today and I had given them permission to pop it on the fence near the front gate if I wasn't home. 

BUT, since the WE MOW lunatic incident in the park when the crazy Council fella got all aggressive, little bits of irritation keep happening, like some fucker twice now has cut the wires from the little solar panels that were operating the garden lights and not happy with that destruction they then ripped 'em off the top of the fence and launched the panels back into my garden. Once - maybe some kids, but twice I am pretty sure that it's the fuckers who front up at silly o'clocks to whipper snipper down the parkside fence and then bugger off. This was the big finale threat from WE MOW. He and his boys were gonna make it their duty to irritate me with noise - my insomnia makes this all rather futile, but I suppose it keeps their tiny minds amused. And then there are the fuckers who keep posting tree branches through the letter box. The Council has finally put in some temporary CCTV cameras for security surveillance but I rather doubt they will let me see the faces of the people doing this stupid shit at my place. A shame really. I would like a sneaky little camera at the gate, but that is just getting altogether too paranoid isn't it?

Anyway, because of all this shit, I didn't want someone to steal it or tip the whole lot over the fence and make a big mess, cos after all, I was being truly lazy so why would I want to run the risk of making more work for myself?

So I stayed in all day waiting for a knock knock. 

Yeh... NO. Cos I said it was OK to leave it on the fence, that's where it was put, no knocking and lucky for me I got there before any damage was done. WHEEEW!

So that's the second bit of crossness I have swallowed down before I have eaten any food. The first required a definite 'suck it up princess' as I argued about the necessity to REGISTER and then leave on file my credit card details. What the very fuck is that about? But the girl on the phone didn't see the difference in the semantics of REGISTERING and USING, and I didn't want to cook and there is no Marks and Spencers food hall near by so REGISTER I did.

I bought 5 lunches and dinners. Yeh I am a fat cow, but mostly I am a LAZY cow, so if I manage to chomp up the food and not put any weight on in the next little while well that's all a bonus. 

I will let you know if the food passes muster.

What is your 'go to' lazy dinner?

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