Saturday, 25 June 2016

Lazy 'n Easy Food and Opinions

As I waved goodbye to Him Indoors, I settled into 4 weeks of pleasing myself, and I reckon that might be a bit  of a dangerous habit to get into.

On his first night away I treated myself to a bowl of yoghurt for supper and then sank in front of the tellie, hand on remote and happily watched 3 shows at once. That flicky flicky flick flick really gives him the shits, but I hate suffering through the ads and sometimes I see the multi-view as an exercise in keeping the mind sharp, well the finger is sharp at least.

The next night I cooked myself some cheese potatoes and broccoli and baked mushrooms. Yep all very lovely and not a bit of meat in sight. I ate at silly old people o'clock cos that was when I was hungry and then plopped off to bed early.

The next day my frozen stuff from Lite 'n Easy arrived and I chucked something in the nuker and chewed it up. 9 minutes and no clean up or messing around, bloody wonderful.

Then there was some chicken Tikka. And that was ok, but I reckon the best part was the rice and the best part of that was the chick peas. Then last night I had spag bol.

I must admit that this was pretty shit. I looked at the ingredients, after I had shoveled it down of course and the fourth most abundant ingredient was ONION. So there was some tomatoes, some pasta, some mince and then a shit load of ONIONS. I don't much like onions and they really don't much like me.Yep I have been repeating this rather shitful experience all last night and still today. It's probably just as well I am living the single gal life, cos I have been farting up a methane cloud, and belching for Oz. If I order again I will have to ask 'em if they can tell me a dish that does not have onions or capsicum or chilli.

So as it's saturday, I might treat myself to some take away calamari and chips... well seriously you didn't think I was gonna actually get the pots a-rattling did you? But that will all depend on my state of mind come dinner time, cos traipsing across the park to the chippie is His job and I might not fancy it, so I might instead nuke something else from my Lazy 'n Easy box. We will have to wait and see.

Of course Dog is not best pleased with any of this cos there is very little in the way of left overs, and whilst she has happily licked and gummed her way almost right through the cardboard containers, it's not the same as getting to chew up a lump of steak or something with a delicious sauce. She's a Manu type Dog, 'Where's the Sauce?'

The wind wreaked havoc on the pool as the palm fronds and debris from next door flew right on in there, and most unusually I had to have a go cleaning that up. The fibrous stuff from the trees and the pool vacuum are mortal enemies and so three times today I have pulled the head thing out of the water and unclogged the wheelie things and then I emptied the overflow leaf thing and then got it all up and running again cos air had filled the system and the only way to fix it that I know of, is to tickle it and tickle it, on off and on off and on off - prossie's knickers come to mind. I am gonna have one more go this afternoon and hope that the wind fucks right off, cos I quite like the lazy-enjoy-looking-at-it approach, not so much the arse-up, head-down grunting approach.

And then there is the Brexit vote. Now hasn't that just been contentious. I understand that it has the world divided, but what I don't get is the meanness of it all.

I have been called stupid, racist, fearful and other stuff. That would be a pisser if anonymous opinions ruled my world, but as they don't, I just find it vaguely noteworthy. In the main part I have resisted the urge to comment back, cos I rather doubt it would do anything except to inflame the discussion.

It's a shame that these folk who are happy to criticise have seemingly forgotten that this is how democracy works, and if they would prefer a less democratic approach to life in general, well then I am happy that their wishes have been thwarted.

Better get back out the pool. I am trying to avoid the need to call someone in cos really it is just bone laziness that is between me and getting it right and I reckon the frozen food has used up just about all the laziness I am entitled to this week.

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