Monday, 1 February 2016

How Fussy are you?

There's a Facebook quiz doing the rounds about fussy foodies. Well a couple of my girlies had had a go and popped their scores up for all to see. I reckon mostly people do these things and don't like the scores so never publish their results - of course that could just be me...shit is it really just me?

Anyway it all seemed pretty simple, just tick off the foods you don't eat. There was 87 in the list. I wondered why 87? It seemed like a very strange number to me. And as I worked down the list, ticking off anothery and anothery, I felt the list was a bit limited.

Cos my friends' scores were 7 and 9 and I got thirty-fucking-seven. I mean how is it possible for me to be the size I am when I don't eat about half of the stuff in the world?

Of course if you look at the list you can see that it is not at all comprehensive. Yeh it might mention bread - brown yuk, white yum, but that's where it stopped at the bakery door. No croissants or donuts or pies or cakes or bickies, and it mentioned olives and various dips, all yummo, but stopped short of things like Twisties and Pringles. If they had bothered to list all manner of sweeties my fussy percentage would have taken a nose dive.

But I guess if I am truly honest I am just the teeniest bit fussy about what goes into my gobhole. So as I settled in to watch who was going into the Jungle, 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here' I have yet again assumed the position. The one where I am hiding behind my hands cos I just can't watch people - celebrity or not, put strange shit anywhere near their mouths, and the idea that anyone would willingly shove their faces into bowls of wriggly critters is just truly yuk.

Out of 12 'Celebrities' I have heard of only 5. That might well be because I am not of the right vintage for the show. But I will watch it on fast forward cos whether or not these people are famous, what is entertaining to me, fussy fucker that I am, is what they will eat. Oh and as I am also not a camper, the very idea of long and short drop shared loos is appalling and entertaining at the same time.

I was left wondering whether or not these people had actually ever seen the show, cos even if I had to hide 'em up my whatsit, I would have taken in some ear plugs.

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